Punjabi cinema is making sequel one after another of various appreciable films and similarly, Sikander film is one of them and now it’s sequel is all set to hit silver screens. We will witness Kartar Cheema and Guri in the lead in this film. 

Few days back, teaser of Sikander 2 was released and people appreciated that as we were seeing Guri and Kartar both in that. Kartar Cheema is a fine artist of punjabi cinema and he has given us unforgettable characters in fact we have seen his acting capabilities to the fullest. On the other hand,    Guri is a well known singer famous for his songs like ‘Yar Beli’ , ‘Nirra Ishq’ and many more but we haven’t seen his acting capabilities yet. What we have to see now is how this young artist will manage to show his skills opposite Kartar Cheema. 

Here the question arises, role in punjabi movies are getting acquired by Punjabi Singers and they are stepping into acting field without even practicing theaters, is it justified for the growth of punjabi cinema? May be one person posses both the skills of singing and acting but one thing which is necessary is skill and capability. First part of Sikander was a hit so people have a lot of expectations from it’s sequel and they have a lot of expectations from the performance of Kartar as well as Guri. Let’s hope that Guri would live unto the expectations of people and we hope that his acting would be appreciated as his songs.