Done watching regular comedy-tadka movies in Punjabi cinema and want some action? Don’t worry, Deep Sidhu is all prepared to set the screen on fire on 23 November with his upcoming movie “Rang Punjab”.
The trailer of the movie tells us that movie is not going to have a regular theme of comedy, romance or marriage but it will be a story of patriotism and bravery which will unmask the evils of society and the corrupt system. Such theme is quite already common in Bollywood and has done really well there but it will be a thing to see how it is received by the audience of Punjabi Industry which is habitual of watching ‘regular comedy’ movies.
Like other movies of same genre this again seems to be male centric movie. The female lead has very negligible presence in the trailer. This movie also reminds us of Salmaan khan starrer movie Garv. The story of honest cop with good looks and masculine body.
From the trailer we found that the story of the movie will revolve around a brave and an honest IPS officer who becomes a target of a criminal gang and is resticated from his position under a conspiracy. It can expose to its masses the corrupt system and how an honest soldier lives and survives through all the obstacles that come his way. The story has a strong theme and has nicely done with it’s editting and sound effects. Also talking of the technical aspects, the DI or Colour Correction which is being paid much attention these days in Punjabi movies can also not be seen upto the mark in the trailer. Although the famous Tinu Verma is to be praised for the contribution he made as an Action Director. The beginning scene of the trailer in which Deep Sidhu is seen running has been shot with great perfection. It is ascertain that with a strong message of “Warriors always fight”, the plot of the movie has been such based that it is going to influence the youth greatly.
Deep Sidhu, who is performing the role of protagonist in the movie is a very talented Indian actor who works in both Bollywood and Pollywood. He made his debut with Punjabi movie “Ramta Jogi” in 2015. But the trailer tells us a different story and it seems like he could not really leave a mark of his acting skills. The dialogue delivery seems more artificial and expressions are not that magnetic. Though Deep Sidhu is a well built man blessed with muscular physique and a fine voice texture but if his fans will be impressed with his performance in the movie, that will be known to us only after its release.

Reena Rai, who is performing the role of lead actress in the movie was crowned Miss South Asia in 2014. She hasn’t been provided with much mainstream in the trailer but let’s see if this continues in the movie also or if she gets her own limelight.
Jagjeet Sidhu who is playing a role of gangster in the movie is a very fine actor of the Punjabi industry. He is famous for playing negative character in his previous movies. Although he has always received love from his fans for his acting but if he is bringing something different this time for his audience will also be a thing to see.
Other actors like Kartar Cheema, Kamal Virk, Ashish Duggal, Hobby Dhaliwal, Mahavir Bhullar, Jagjit Sandhu, Dheeraj Kumar, Gurjeet Singh, Baninderjit, Jagjeet Singh and many more will also be seen starring in the film.
The music has been given by Gurmeet Singh, Gurmoh & Music Empire and the movie has been directed by Rakesh Mehta. The movie has been produced by Mandeep Singh Sidhu & Raj Kundra and under the banner of Bathinde Wale Bai Films & Cinemation Media Works.
The political support as spoken in the trailer is not much shown pictorially rather only few faces as villains come up. Lack of political angel the key aspect around which the story revolves has not been much focused in trailer. Now only after the release of film we can mug up the rest story. Might be the leftover aspect in the trailer can be unfolded in the movie. Time will only tell that during this phase of lights and beauty does our audience ready to accept dark film like this.
The release date of the movie is Nov 23, 2018. We wish success to the whole star cast of “Rang Punjab”.