Where there’s a will there’s a way! – A well said proverb is proven once again. Yes, Ankit Singh Patyal, also known as Ikka or Ikka Singh proved himself. We are talking about his new song “Interview”. Who is real ikka? This time ikka has opened about his life like that book to which anyone can read. He is giving his voice both in Bollywood and Pollywood.

The famous Indian rapper sung his autobiography, which has touched millions. The gutsy move by this young lad is amazing because its not that easy to public the tragic aspects of one’s life. This song actually witnesses the real Ikka where he even shared that his father was drunker and he use to thieve cash from his home for comics and toys, his mother suffering which are enough to bring tears in everyone’s eye. He did mention his support system who is his elder sister.

His journey of deprived love is sad. Even Ikka told how he established; he took many big names who helped him someway or the other. Yes this is very clear to everyone that how he might have struggled in such circumstances to attain success. Well if we talk on visual aspect it is well pictured. When one sees the video and hears Ikka one feels very close to it. The words are so well placed, sung and pictured that they make one feel the pain. The video is directed by “Inflict” and “Fab Entertainment” has presented the video and “Arun Tanwar” has produced the video.

In 2014 we heard Ikka in Bolywood number “Tamanchey”. Adding more to his journey, he recently collaborated with “Guru Randhawa” for song “Tere Te” which has crossed 23 million views. His recent Bollywood numbers are ”Kem Cho” and “Cheater Mohan”. Well Ikka has also set an example for our young aspirants that nothing is impossible only hing you need to do is hard work.