Our punjabi music has gone so far that everyone is appreciating it in the whole world but still our punjabi cinema is lacking in few aspects regarding music. You guys must be wondering, why? Let us tell you that, as punjabi movies do not opt for qawwali even after the need of the film but one qawwali titled ‘Uth Farida’ from film ‘Munda Faridkotia’ is now released and we can say what a pious and soothing qawwali it is. 

After listening to this qawwali we can say that this was really the need of the film because after going to another Faridkot, one can only get answer from god. This qawwali is taking our heart and connect us to the emotions behind that. Furthermore, Roshan Prince is literally doing justice with his expression and acting in this Qawwali. One more thing we would like to add is, there are very few films in punjabi cinema who has courage to opt for Qawwalis because everyone thinks that dance & sad numbers are more appreciable by audience but it is not true as people always prefer good music and ‘Uth Farida’ is one of them.

Moreover, this Qawwali is sung by Sardar Ali and penned by Baba Farid under the banner of Yellow Music. Munda Faridkotia will going to release on 14th June’19. We hope that this movie would be as good as this Qawwali.