Earlier, punjabi singers were famous for their singing and songs but now they’re famous for their blunt, straight forward and abusive content. We have came across various videos of different punjabi artists in which they shamelessly pour their heart out without even considering the content of language. Recently, such similar video has posted by ‘Sharry Mann’ on his social networking sites.

In this video, Sharry Mann tried to flip his omelette and suddenly that flip got wrong and he said “oh tuhadi bh**n nu…, bhen**od kitho band hunda hai ehe”. If we talk about Sharry Mann then we can say that, he is role model for many people and such kind of content is literally unexpected from him. It is quoted ‘Big position comes with Big responsibility’ and it is rightly said because if you are at a great positions and millions of people are following you including youth and children then it is your duly responsibility that you whatever you’re posting should motivate your viewers rather than giving them a bad stuff to learn.

Furthermore, every day we get to see such videos; earlier Jasmine Sandlas posted a video regarding her breakup with Garry Sandhu with abusive and offensive content and now the video of Sharry Mann. We suggest them to use their viewership in a responsible way so that people can proudly say that ’This is my role model’.