‘Unni Ikki’ is a complete family drama entertainment which will be released on 11th October’19. It is a movie of two lovers who suffered because of a trend of Punjab that NRI will be a best match for their girl. In this movie karamjit Anmol is the NRI and Jagjeet Sandhu and Sawan Rupowali are the lovebirds. To get successful in their love life by marrying Sawan, Jagjeet will do a lot of ‘Unni Ikki’ and from their title of the movie ‘Unni Ikki’ is extracted. 

In an interview with DAAH Films, Jagjeet and Sawan Rupowali shared how the name of the movie decided and also who is ‘Unni’ and who is ‘Ikki’ between them. Further they shared the romance  where Jagjeet was uninterested to share any lovey-dovey moments with Sawan which explains that which flavour of romance will be seen in their relationship. 

In addition to this Jagjeet shared that co-actors plays an important role in cherishing the role while shooting as acting is all about action and reaction. Further they both said that they loved to work together with Karamjit Anmol which helped them in learning a lot as he is an experienced actor. Moreover, they both shared the signature step which they assures that will get viral after the movie release. 

While his interview in Panjab University , Jagjeet got nostalgic and shared the experience of his university days that how he crashed the girls hostel and his ‘Saturday Dev’ experience. Then on further asking that how their survival will if mobile network would fail, on this Sawan immediately reacted that for her world will be ended. On the other hand Jagjeet shared that he frequently do this to eliminate the digital zone for a while to detoxify from the digital addiction. he also added that a day will come when people fast to eliminate digital world. 

Mid while all these discussion, he shared that as punjabi music industry is renowned all around the globe and in similar manner he is dreaming to take punjabi cinema to Oscar. Also he is also dreaming to do a movie in which content would be this strong that the remake will be done in Hindi and other various languages . 

Now what future has planned and how he will do all this will be seen later but what they will serve in ‘Unni Ikki’ will be seen on 11th october in theatres near you.