Another comedy movie has departed from station and will arrive on 28th December 2018. We are talking about “Vadda Kalakaar”

Lets start the trailer review; we will start it with music. How romantic it is but what’s this? Here comes in between baapu and bit sad saga that like other movies with in 20 secs the trailer stuck on comedy. Yes, “Nirmal Rishi” banged, beautiful na. The way she called reminds us something. What? But ofcourse the way Munni calls Salmaan Khan in “Bajrangi Bhaijan” remember ha ha ha well jokes a part. Moving ahead the girl who is although playing innocent character is looking totally opposite on screen. No innocence, but reverse that she is looking angry on “Alfaz” means “Makhan” in movie or she witnessed some supernatural power. That’s bit upsetting that other than main leads filmmakers should also focus on all characters playing on screen because all of them are equally important to brighten the movie. In start of trailer we watched “Malkhi” character played as debut by “Roopi Gill” but her role was not much established. Even the love aura of “Malkhi” and “Makhan” is not well established but only we can see some giggly scenes in “Ranjit Bawa” song which ensure that the couple is in love but forvit can be a thing to worry if such mistakes are carried in movie. One such mistake this saint did by making his plan to go on mountains.

Now comes the director “B N Sharma”and “Kaanta” Character played by “Deedar Gill” himself. After their entry only we got to know that innocent “Makhan” wants to be artist. Now we can only view this in movie that this city friend “Kaanta” will be proven as which flavor good or bad? “Makhan” who desperately wants to be actor coz if he fails then he might loose his love forever. Anyhow “ Makhan” manages money for movie

But coz of this he becomes bad in eyes of his villagers and parents. Here again comes the music played in starting which revives the strongest emotions once again. Till now the balance of emotions and comedy is seen and here the makers could wrap the trailer but they compiled it with overdose of comedy.

The trailer of the movie clears that movie will be full of comedy, emotions and drama but again if comedy will b added extra with no requirement then it might be another reason to worry. Although looks of “Alfaz” are not dashing like hero but on the other hand we see that he succeeded to portray the looks of his character.

Looks of “Roopi Gill” seems impressive but still has to work on her acting skill, will audience appreciate her different speaking style will be revealed with time. All Supporting characters did their job well. But if loose points in direction and screenplay witnessed in movie then it will be third big reason to worry. Trailer could have been better to impress audience but overall it is above the average. Although there is no big lead in movie but movie itself is “Vadda Kalakaar”