Ghaint Singh Entertainment, Running Break Productions and KP Motion Pictures presents film ‘Unni Ikki’ is all set to hit the theatre screens on the 11th October, 2019 and it’s teaser was released which gave an idea about the movie that it is a love story oriented movie. Now trailer is released which defines that it is a romantic comedy movie where Jagjeet Sandhu wants to marry his love Sawan Rupowali and there families play the role to create bhasudi between them and to marry her he does some ‘Unni Ikki’ no he does a lot of ‘Unni Ikki. Now how he will find success to get her beloved is all the   movie about. 

Talking about title, this film has got a unique title ‘Unni Ikki’, we usually use this phrase in order to measure a very minor difference between two elements. Moreover we have seen at various places that how to marry his beloved Sawan, Jagdeep does a lot of efforts and also in the movie various efforts are seen in creating drama like creatively issue has created that for three days no mobile network would be there which causes communication gap between them and raise the problems in between them. Now how Livtar Singh and Kaypee Gill will join all these plots together and will serve us with the love story of Jagdeep and Sawan.

Furthermore talking about the characters of the story, Jagdeep Sandhu is playing the role of a lover boy who wants to marry Sawan Rupowali but her marriage is already tied to a NRI Karamjit Anmol. At this point, Jagdeep introduced with the an important issue of Punjab that majority of the people want to marry NRI’s and consider the residence of Punjab as Scrap.Moreover, Jagdeep Sandhu’s Hindi speaking also adds an element to the comedy angle of the movie. Also Nirmal Rishi played a significant role in their love story. Along with them many supporting artists like  Parkash Gadhu, Lucky Dhaliwal, Ravinder Mand, Gurchet Chitarkar, Navu Singh, Aman Sidhu, Manjeet Aulakh, Sameep Singh, Mohini Toor, Sangeeta Gupta, Randeep Bhangu and Sanjay Solanki played their parts well to add humour to the movie. 

Now how this Craziest journey of Jagjeet Sandhu along with the biggest family Bhasudi will entertain audience on 11th October. Yes! the movie is preponed as it was supposed to release on 18th October but .  Also Jagjeet is seen very first time in main lead now how he will live upto to expectation of his audience. Despite of all this one thing is for sure that their love story will serve you with laughter ride that give you full pack of entertainment.