Everyone witnessed the huge success of ‘Manje Bistre’ and then makers ultimately decided to come up with its sequel. We came across the trailer of ‘Manje Bistre 2’. This is second sequel movie about to release in 2019, after ‘Rabb Da Radio 2’. “Manje Bistre 2” has already gained a lot of popularity, with the release of the film’s teaser and its tracks, which are adored by folks.

The concept is unique of this romantic comedy. The trailer starts with the voice of Karamjit Anmol whose character was much liked by audience in last movie. The maker’s created full feel of Punjab is Canada, which is surely amazing. The trailer is loaded with overdose of comedy. In part 2 also we could sight ‘Gippy Grewal’ collecting manje bistre, but this time in Canada. Earlier he finds girl in Punjab while collecting manje bistre but in part although he is seen doing the same and even he finds his love ‘Simi Chahal’ but this time in Canada.

This time ‘Gippy Grewal’ is showcasing Punjabi Virsa overseas, and how will it memorize our vast culture. Trailer seems promising and it assures one that once you will enter in movie hall you will thoroughly entertained. Gippy Grewal and Jaggi Singh both love Simi Chahal, now who will win her heart will be interesting to watch. Although we will see this fresh pairing of ‘Gippy Grewal’ and ‘Simi Chahal’ on screen for the first time but they look amazing together and people are loving it too. The swift slaying of the story, dialogues and flow makes it eye catcher. Now how the director will unite Rano aka Simi Chahal and Sukhi aka Gippy Grewal will be loveable to watch, moreover how he will showcase as how to manage Punjabi Visa overseas.

The makers have released the trailer on the official YouTube channel of Saga Music. In ‘Majne Bistre 2’ we could sight ‘Gippy Grewal’ and ‘Simi Chahal’ in lead, and this is the first time these two artists are sharing the same screen. Besides playing lead Gippy Grewal has also penned and produced the flick. We also get to see Karamjit Anmol, Gurpreet Ghuggi, B.N. Sharma, Sardar Sohi, Hobby Dhaliwal and Anita Devgan. Baljit Singh Deo has helmed ‘Manje Bistre 2’. The movie is a romantic comedy and is slated to release on April 12 2019.