Ananta film presents ‘Khatre da Ghuggu’ is all set to hit the theatre screens on the 17th January, 2020 and it’s teaser is released which gave an idea about the movie that it is a comedy movie. Now trailer is released which defines that it is a comedy movie with a flavour of love in between Jordan Sandhu and Diljott along with supersition element that works as Khatre Da Ghuggu in the movie. Now how they will find serve comedy along with love angle by ringing Khatre Da ghuggu is wat movie all about.

Talking about title, this film has got a unique title ‘Khatre Da Ghuggu’, we usually use this to give alerts and disclaim warnings. Moreover we have seen at various places that how alerts been given by sources like in relationship by friend or in offices by collegues. Similarly in this movie the alert is given by a priest that explains that movie has a falvor of supersition in it. Now how Shivtar Shiv and Aman Cheema will join all these plots together and will serve us with the comedy story of BN Sharma, Diljott and Jordan Sandhu.

Furthermore talking about the characters of the story, Jordan Sandhu and Diljott are seen opposite each other. Also BN Sharma has played a significant role in the movie and seems like all the responsibilty of comedy is on his shoulder. Along with them many supporting artists like  Anita Shabdeesh, Prakash Gadhu, Satwinder Kaur, Nitu Pandher, Raj Dhaliwal, Robby Atwal, Ikatar Singh, Jashanjit Gosha, Sukhbir Gill, Ravinder Mand, Rajwinder Samrala, Bashir Ali, Vishal Singh Deot, Davvy Singh, Sanju Solanki, Suvinder Vicky, Ashwani Bhardwaj, Vijay Tandon, Dilawar Sidhu are playing their parts well to add humour to the movie. 

Now how this Craziest journey of Jordan Sandhu, Diljott andd BN Sharma along with the supersition element will hit the theatres. Despite of all this one thing is for sure that their story will serve you with laughter ride that give you full pack of entertainment.