15 Lakh Kadon Aauga ?? A big question raised by Ravinder Garewal in his upcoming movie titled ’15 Lakh Kadon Aauga’ and also audience is waiting for the same as they are looking to witness this movie from too long. But finally, team has released the trailer of movie which is giving us a fresh feel. Talking about the concepts of punjabi movies, most of them only revolve around the weddings but this time its something unique which is commonly seen but less noticed. Trailer starts with the introduction of Jaswinder Singh which is given by his son and he is telling about his profession. But wait, he has no fix profession as in the next scene his wife Pooja Verma is explaining all of it to his son that what his father perform.

Jaswinder Singh played by Ravinder Garewal, seems to be a very cunning person who knows what exactly to do, where, when and how? He works smartly and with his this smartness, Fortunately or Unfortunately he become a Baba and then his work just goes on. Automatically! He started earning good along with great applause. What else a man needs? But life doesn’t go so easily, problems arrive on the way. Sameway, he got stucked into an issue which is that some politician approached him and made everyone fool by saying ‘He will give 15 Lakh to everyone’. This is very normal as our government do works like this by connecting to Baba’s and making the public fool for the votes.

Bringing a movie like this in the days of Elections is a big step. People should what is right or wrong. This movie will showcase our political affairs also and for sure it will teach us something new. Now lets see how these all elements will be justified through the movie as the story promises many things.Friday Russh Motion Pictures presented this movie is directed by Manpreet Brar. Along with the leads, there are to seen Hobby Dhaliwal, Makeet Rauni, Gurpreet Bhangu and many more other pollywood artists. 15 Lakh Kadon Aauga is all set to release on 10th May, 2019.