Different kind of concepts are being attempted in our punjabi cinema one after another and it’s content, that plays the important role in any film. Similarly, one more different content film is all set to release titled ‘Surkhi Bindi’ and it’s trailer is now out. 

Talking about the film, it is directed by Jagdeep Singh Sidhu who has previously directed Qismat and Shadaa and both these films were super hit & gained a lot of appreciation from audience and fans. So, automatically expectations from ‘Surkhi Bindi’ is on heights. While Sargun Mehta & Gurnam Bhullar will be in lead roles. They both are coming together for the very first time on screens but Sargun has previously done Qismat with Jagdeep Singh Sidhu. What this trio will be giving us new is the matter of thinking for audience. 

Coming to the trailer, it seems like story of the film will be revolving around Sargun Mehta & her dreams because trailer starts from Sargun who is a kid and she has so many ambitions regarding his future husband because she has seen luxury wedding of her sister so she also dreams about her wedding and she thinks that her husband will be taking her into a big car but here comes the surprise! All her dreams break when she marries Gurnam and after seeing condition of his house, family members and car she literally cried and distant herself from her husband after that but Gurnam took it in other way and thinks that she’s in love with someone else. After asking that from her, she told him about her desires and dream that she always wanted to go to Canada. Then, Gurnam fought for her dreams with his family and took her to town where they both opened a beauty parlor. Now, how there romance will prevail while accomplishing her dreams is all about the story of this film. Furthermore, Sargun is using typical punjabi in this films and we haven’t seen her in this kind of character before because she has used words like ‘Pitha’, ‘Tur Turi’, ‘Doodh’ and many more. We will also be seeing Nisha Bano in the character of Gurnam’s sister and in the end of trailer her husband will be creating problems in order to achieve dreams of Sargun.

Overall, this film relates to the general problem regarding middle class families where a female drop her dreams in order to take care of her family after marriage and what she needs is the support of her husband to achieve them. Whole story is getting clear through the trailer but we can say that Sargun is looking phenomenal in the trailer and she’s proving herself with acting skills but Gurnam’s character is looking usual as he was in ‘Guddiyan Patole’ but people were expecting more from him. Also, his next film Vilaiti Yantar is also on the way, maybe he could prove him in that. Mainly this film is looking Sargun centric now how this pair will leave impact on people’s mind with the direction of Jagdeep, will be seen on 30th August’19. In addition, this film will going to be released under the banner of Zee Studios & Shree Narotham Ji films.