After watching Dev Kharoud’s amazing movie ‘Dakuaan Da Munda’, audience is in wait to watch his upcoming movies and here the trailer of movie ‘ Yaar Belly’ released which is sadly very disappointing to know that this kind of movie is also added in the list of this ace actor. Living Dream Entertainment presented this movie is written and directed by Sukhjinder Singh and in the lead roles, we see Dev Kharoud and Sabby Suri. Alongside them there are Karamjit Anmol, Nisha Bano and BN Sharma also in the movie.

Trailer starts with a song then it shifted to a action scene and further it is delivering a comedy scene and then it shows some more actions. Here trailer has come to its mid but no story is depicted till now and we couldn’t get any idea that what this trailer is trying to portray. In all these action scenes, there is one enlightening part that we could see the entry of Dev Kharoud which is interesting and seems like he is again indulged in his character properly. Moving more towards the trailer, finally we get some idea that this movie is perhaps about the love story of Dev Kharoud and Sabby Suri. There is a hurdle in between both of them who is Sabby’s brother whose character is played by Lakhwinder Kandola and he is also seen justifying his character. Talking about movie’s lead Sabby Suri, she is before seen in punjabi movie ‘Big Daddy’ and in this trailer her one dialogue is not upto the mark which is quite wierd and seems like she is saying it very difficulty.

Technically also the trailer has many flaws as the Camera Blogs in some scenes are not fine and DI is also not done properly. For our knowledge DI is a step which is done after the Editing of the movie to enhance the colour of some scenes which gives proper cinema looks and the actions scenes are seeking that they are really fake and not properly visualised. Punjabi Cinema is actually growing day by day but delivering this kind of trailer is unexpected ! This movie is not related to the title ‘Yaar Belly’ because there are no such things which are depicting friendship. What this trailer is trying to depict about the movie is actually not clear and for that we have to watch for the movie. This movie is releasing on 14th December, 2018.

On this date, there is another punjabi movie ‘Bhajjo Veero Ve’ starring Amberdeep Singh and Simi Chahal which is releasing. Oh ! This seems that there is a danger to this movie but anyways Dev Kharoud has a great fan following and his fans will definitely watch his acting but we hope that will deliver good story and good other elements also.. Fingers Crossed !!