Some film get famous even before their release and our India has witnessed this many times before because people usually complaints about the film in a way or other. Similarly, there is one more film ‘Chal Mera Putt’ who has faced many difficulties in order to get released in theaters. You must be wondering why? Let us tell you about all because recently in the conversation with DAAH Films, Jarnail Singh from ‘Virasat Films’ who is also production supervisor of this film has shared something exclusive about film with us. 

Talking about the film, there were some web portals and other people who were asking to boycott this film because this film has famous Pakistani artists and story of the film revolves around them too. Whereas some people call this film anti nationalist also because of indulgence of Pakistanis but it is said that artists don’t belong to any religion or boundary, it’s their artistry that matters. On this matter Jarnail Singh has opened up and shared his views with us. Talking about him, he is one of the renowned name of Pollywood industry who owns Virasat Films and he was also with the team of ‘Chal Mera Putt’ in Bermingham since it’s first day of shoot. He told us that team of this film has faced several problems and people had put various allegations on them. In fact from January to the last night before release of film, they haven’t slept for a while and on the night before release they were continuously roaming around police station because of some people who weren’t supporting this collaboration of Indian and Pakistani artists. 

Yes! This is true, we were also wondering that how can people be so free for asking ban on this film because this film is an initiative to combine art of both countries. He even said that we are thankful to those people who were accusing us and this is now the answer to them because finally the film is released now. He added some beautiful lines too ‘ Behimate jo ghar behke shikwa kare mukkaddran da, Ugan wale ugg paine ne paad ke seena pattharan da’ and this release is reply to those people. 

Furthermore, he has thanked all the people who were in support of this film and he has also thanked those who were putting questions on this film. Even he also explained the power of art and punjabis of both the countries and he is right at that point. We also think that it’s the art that matters whether it’s in Indian artists or Pakistani artists. Moreover, we wish all the luck to team of this film because ‘Chal Mere Putt’ is in cinemas now.