So it happens most of the times that good stories never get to see light of the day because of lack of producers in Punjabi film industry. But, if a story and a concept is good, it will ultimately find its way. A similar thing happened when Lakhwinder Kandola, a punjabi actor and writer narrated the story of Mitti: Virasat Babbaran di to Bollywood director Hriday Shetty. The impression formed on Hriday with the subject of this film was so great that when Hema Malini and Sanjay Bali were told about it, they immediately agreed upon producing this film. Quite a big thing because when a subject like this will be produced by a veteran Bollywood actress, it sure will give this film a boost the way Son of Manjeet Singh received for having Kapil Sharma’s name linked to it.

The story of Mitti:Virasat Babbaran di revolves round the brave and fearless Babbars who rose to eliminate the power and hold British had on the people of our country. They rose not to become heroes, but to regain the freedom that was ours. Theirs is the story which lies beneath the pages of history, the history which has also been distorted over a period of time. The dream of this group of people was justice for their countrymen. When Bollywood has a number of times taken up subjects and figures from the freedom movement of India, it is a matter of pride that Pollywood also is moving in quite the same direction and making efforts to let the people of Punjab, and people not of Punjab as well, know about the glorious history and the brave men who sacrificed their lives for this land.

Mitti: Virasat Babbaran di has an ensemble cast that has names of Kulwinder Kandola, Jagjeet Sandhu and many others. It will be releasing in 2019 on March 1.