There are some actors who usually do less number of movies but always touch our hearts with their performances. Similarly, there is one such punjabi actor ‘Deep Sidhu’ who is famous for his hit roles in films ‘Jora 10 numbriya’, Rang Punjab and Ramta Jogi but now he is all set with his upcoming film ’State vs Waryam Singh’ and it is said that he will be playing nominal role in the film.   

Reportedly, this film seems like a serious courtroom drama which will be directed under the eye of Imran Sheikh as his last movie was ’Nadhoo Khan’ which didn’t work well on box-office in fact that film was also his directorial debut. The movie is powered under Loud Roar Films productions and is produced by Harpreet Singh Devgun, Vimal Chopra and Aadarsh Bansal. Moreover, this film will be a content based movie which is written by Mintu Gurusariya who had written hit movies like ‘Dakuan Da Munda’ which was based on his life and the further part of this movie ’Zindagi Zindabad’ will also be narrating his life in which Ninja and Mandy Takhar are starred. 

In addition, actor Deep Sidhu shared the poster with his fan base on his official social media handle as it defines the intense look of Deep Sidhu in this movie. Talking about the poster, Deep Sidhu is in centre with central jail in background which explains that the movie may be talking about the rights of general public with government and shared poster has caption: “ਲੋਹੇਦੀਸੀਖਾਂਸਾਡੀਹਿੰਮਤਦੇਫੌਲਾਦਨੂੰਕੈਦਨਹੀਂਕਰਸਕਦੀਅਾ, ਅਸੀਂਲਾਵੇਵਾਂਗਅਾਪਣੇਹੀਅੰਦਰਲੇਜਵਾਲਾਮੁੱਖੀਚੋਅਜ਼ਾਦਹੋਵਾਂਗੇ! Fight of a “Rebel” from inside the system…My next film after “JORA the second chapter””

Further, Deep Sidhu will be seen in his upcoming  movie ‘JORA the second chapter’ which is a sequel of his blockbuster hit movie ‘Jora 10 Numberiya’ which is counted as his best performance till now. Fans are waiting for its sequel and lets see Deep Sidhu will live upto his fans expectation or not.