Punjabi cinema is full packed with movies and one after another movies are getting announced in a way or another. Sometimes, we get to know about the upcoming movies through announcements and sometimes by peeping into social networking sites of the artists. Similarly, one more movie is on the way and the team of the movie started shooting which is starring Ninja & Sonam Bajwa.

Few days back, Ninja has uploaded his photo and photo of flap of white hill studios and name of the movie was not at all mentioned in fact, other details were also not shared but now again he has shared a photo with Sonam Bajwa and captioned it with ‘On Set, Need Blessings’. He even mentioned the username of Gunbir Sidhu who is the owner of White Hill. Looking closely to these aspects, we can say this picture is from the set of that movie, which he shared earlier. Morever, Sonam Bajwa is said to be an ace actor of punjabi cinema and Ninja is a well known singer and has his hands in acting too.

Furthermore, He has shared stories on his social networking site in which we can see Manav Shah who has directed Lattu and we can see one more face named Mehreen Pirzadaa who is a model and actress too as she has done various tamil films and made debut in Bollywood with film Phillauri. We predict that, maybe we can see this face in this untitled film by White Hill. In addition, we will be seeing Mehreen in DSP Dev too. We hope that that this collaboration would live upto the expectation of people and we also hope that team of this film would share further information about this film.