Sonam Bajwa defines Feminism and Women Empowerment in true words through her new released title track from movie ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’. The basic storyline of the movie is predicted that it will be completely based around women and about it’s strength. Also, the movie is different from the current race of releasing movies where patriarchy defines a movie and always men will be in lead because this movie is around Sonam or Babbu Bains.  

Talking about the song, it is released under the label of White Hill Music to which lyrics is given by Singga and his voice is doing complete justice to his lyrics penned. Also, lyrics is in relation to the basic storyline of the movie because song has raised the topic of gender equality and self dependency of women which is related to the basic theme of the movie which is about women who are self sufficient.

Further video of the song explains how ‘Ardab’ is Sonam and even video has potrayed ‘Laxmi Agarwal’  who is an acid attack victim which explains how this movie will represent the strength of women in front of society that who is a women. Moreover, it describes the presence of women in every field either it’s playing game or any musical instrument.

Now how these sensitive subjects like women empowerment, feminism, gender equality and patriarchial society will be justified in this movie and also will Sonam will be able to do justice by raising these topics. All this will be clear on 18th October’19 in theatres near you.