New ventures are always welcomed in Punjabi Industry and now it is time to give hearty warm welcome to our student. Isn’t it so exciting to hear that att da Singer and lyricist is now turning towards acting Surprising na!. We are chatting about “Sidhu Moose Wala.”

Now he is all set to ‘agg laun layi’ on silver screen with his upcoming movie “Yes I Am A Student”. He will bang the screens by making his debut with this flick. The movie is expected to be in race by next year. At the same time this will also be interesting to watch that will Moose Wala be able to do justice with his character or not? This movie is presented by Jatt Life Films which will be directed by “Tarnvir Singh Jagpal” and “Gill Raunta” has written the story. Moosewala Jatt is depicting life of a student through his character by which he will portray the picture that how a student survives in other countries where he is gone for further studies or making their future bright.
Also, we have gathered some information from our sources that he has pour some of his own experience as a student in the movie. Here is first look.

Looking back into his career, Sidhu Moose Wala started his journey with the lyrics of the song “License” sung by Ninja began his singing career on a duet song titled “G Wagon”. He has million views for his songs and has delivered many hit numbers like “So High” “Self Made” “Dollar” “Just Listen” “Famous” “Badfella” and long list will continue.
Well, it will be quiet interesting to watch him as a Actor now. Till now there is only this much information but as soon as we will acquire more facts we will share with you.

Watch the video: