The much talked about collaboration of two enormous musicians or music brands, Sidhu Moosewala and Byg Byrd, is all set to return with a bang! After the numerous rumours that both are not together again and have some dispute in between them is blew away by both of themself as they shared a story of them together where they both are saying that get away with your thoughts tjat we are parting ways. Further adding that we were together, we are together and we will be together forever.

Furthermore, Byg Byrd always produce Sidhu Moosewala’s all songs and he got all the hype from him. Even everyone called them Brown Boys but few days back the news was aired that the songs of Sidhu that always got leaked was done by Byg byrd where he replied that it was not he who did that but someone from their friend circle did. Moreover, the last song tt they dis togethr was Same Beef that was released under the collaboration of two big labels Yash Raj Films and Saga Music.

Now what we have seen that will they work together and when we will get to see their collaboration together when themselve they cleared all misunderstandings. This is not the first time ever that Sidhu Moosewala is in limelight because he is already in news as of his dispute with Karan Aujla and they both are getting much attention from the media and audience.