As we know punjabi’s are famous to leave their impact wherever they go as their absence and presence feels out and also they love to face difficulties and there is no place from where they left isolated similarly this year punjabi model- singer-actress Shehnaaz Gill enter the Big Boss house in season 13 where she carried the essence of punjabi culture all together which brings her to highlights in the Big Boss house.

It all started when Shehnaaz Gill entered the Big Boss in a punjabi suit doing a step of Giddha on ‘Yeah Baby’ of Garry Sandhu in which she was featured. Following this she engaged herself in a conversation with Salman Khan where she got successful in getting a compliment that she is the Katrina Kaif of Pollywood. Also, she shared with Salman that she is a chubby girl where interrupting her he Said that ‘no you are not’, further he hugged her which somewhere implies that she is the favourite of Salman Khan in this season like every season he had one. Moreover She won a competition of weighing vegetables without any weighing machine which shows that how much she is connected to her roots of Punjab i.e. agriculture.  All this generated the complete essence of punjabi culture there on the stage. Also next day she sung her song ‘Veham’ again which created the hype of her song. Then her task with Sidharth ended up with a unintentionl kiss which brings her to limelight again.

Talking about Shehnaaz Gill punjabi industry journey she is a punjabi model and actress. She is renowned for her role in Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta’s movie ‘Kala Shah Kala’. Moreover, Shehnaaz was already surrounded with controversies as her fight with Himanshi Khurana in which Shehnaaz at first disrespect Himanshi’s song ‘I Like it’ .

Apart from this, Big Boss house is a place where survival of the fittest will live upto the end of the show, where fittest not only physically but also mentally matters because that place has a complete controversial environment as it is completely isolated from the outside world even there is no way to communicate digitally with their families. Thus it makes their journey more and more difficult. 

Now what we will see that how she will live upto the expectations of her fans to carry that flavour of punjabi culture there in Big Boss and for how long she will survive in the house. Also will she bring the Big Boss trophy to the Punjab.