There are only a few directors who have decided to steer the Punjabi cinema towards its roots and history. Indian born British director Kavi Raz, who had earlier shown to us the life of the last prince of Punjab in the movie ‘The Black Prince’, has announced another movie which will be depicting the life of a very young character and the times he lived in. The movie has been titled ‘SARABHA- Cry for Freedom’.

The movie will be based on the life of a very important yet unknown character from the history of Punjab, Kartar Singh Sarabha. He was a young man of 19 years who sacrificed his life for the freedom of this country. A well-known name in the Ghadar Party but not much is known about him by our young generation , this film becomes even more significant because it will be a link for us to re-connect with our lost heroes, the unsung heroes who lost their lives while trying to attaint freedom for this country. This unsung hero of the Indian Freedom Movement was also one of the major inspirations of Bhagat Singh.

The makers released the poster of the film on Kartar Singh Sarabha’s 104th martyrdom day. Written and directed by Kavi Raz, the film stars Japtej Singh, Mukul Dev, Kavi Raz, Malkeet Rauni, Mahabir Bhullar, Jaspinder Cheema, Kanwar Grewal, Puneet and Jasbir Jassi in prominent roles.
On the occasion of the poster release, director Kavi Raz said, “Kartar Singh Sarabha is an icon who inspired legends like Shaheed Bhagat Singh. His leadership, courage, bravery and sacrifice cannot be forgotten. The fire that burned in his soul spread across India after his death, leading many others to take up the cause of our motherland’s freedom from the shackles of British slavery. He further added, “I want the generation of today to know him, his struggle, his passion and how he left a very comfortable life in the USA and became the leader of Ghadar movement. Although he was hanged at a ripe age of just nineteen, he had left an everlasting mark on our history. I hope the film is perceived by the audience with the same love and passion that we put into making it.”

‘SARABHA-Cry for Freedom’ is being made in Punjabi, Hindi, and English and will release on 21st February 2020, the same date when Ghadar movement started across India.