Punjabi audience is welcoming several experiments done by film makers in Punjabi Cinema. Every new project carries something different and now its turn for another film ‘Saak’ to showcase the same. Trailer of this film has released and it is clearly observed that the story of it is very ordinary which is tested and tried before also. But what makes a viewer attractive towards it is that how the same story patterm is implemented in a new way. 

Minhas Films presented this film is directed by Kamaljit Singh and in the leads we can see Mandy Takhar playing a character of ‘Chann Kaur’ who is looking like a moon in terms of beauty. Along with her, debutant Jobanpreet Singh will be seen who is appearing dashing but there is a question mark on his dialougue delivery. Undoubtedly, the trailer is presented in a different manner as it carries elements which are eye catchy. And it is reminding us of the sets of Muklawa film, isn’t it?? Have a look once. 

Now the scenes are looking similar and storyline is relatable as well because there is a man shown who desperately wants to see her girl before marriage. Same was in Muklawa and father of girl doesnt want to let this happen, sounds again the same. Moreover, a fauji is mentioned many a times which is not understood that why taking a fauji’s name is banned and why a father does not want to get her daughter married to a fauji? May this ‘Why’ is left to create a curiousity but the trailer should atleast one element so that the story concept could be more cleared. May be this is the strategy of production house, lets see what this film will deliver. The impact of sound is good but some dubbing issue is arising, if there a bit mismatch in the trailer itself then can not judge that how the film will be carrying this. 

As the story seems to be an ordinary one which is showing a man who wants to get married to a beautiful women of his choice and on the flip side, women also fall for that person but there are hurdles in between their love path then how they will meet each other will be shown through the film. Talking about the teaser which lastly left a great impression after its release. So the expectations from trailer were high but it is not exceeding that. It is just above the average. Anyways now the wait is to witness the whole film as from its glimpse there is already a level set in the audience mind. ‘Saak’ is all set to hit the theatre screens on September 6, 2019