The trailer of Roshan Prince starrer Ranjha Refugee has been released. The trailer begins with Roshan Prince, playing the role of Ranjha Singh, wanting to marry a woman whose baraat is to come at her door the next day. Amidst a laughter ride of confusion and drama, the trailer ends on a rather mysterious note.

A presentation of JB Movie Productions, Ranjha Refugee has been produced by Tarsem Kaushal and Sudesh Kumar. Avtar Singh who has previously directed movies like Mitti na Pharol Jogiya and Rupinder Gandhi 2: The Robinhood has written and directed this one. Ranjha Refugee will have Roshan Prince play dual roles, one of an army man from India and the other from the rival country Pakistan, made evident through the last scene of the trailer. On the Indian side, we have Saanvi Dhiman playing the love interest of this Ranjha. Cross the borders, and Nisha Bano is the wife of a Muslim army man, also played by Roshan Prince.

Set in the years before the war of 1971 broke out, Ranjha Refugee is the story of a boy who is bereft in India during the partition of 1947. In the present day, Ranjha is in love with Preeto but she is going to get married to someone else. Ranjha makes efforts and succeeds in breaking her wedding. Following this he is barred from his village and ends up in the army.

While on the border, he comes across a trespasser army man from the other side who is his look-alike. A series of events leads this trespasser Refugee from Pakistan come to India and take on Ranjha’s place. That is where we see him saying words ‘Inshallah’ and this is also proven by the fact that he fails to recognise Preeto.

Set in areas of Punjab closer to the border, the location of this film is in sync with the time and period it has been set in, also in sync with the fact that border between India and Pakistan plays a major role in this film. It is not a war-based movie but the tale of a broken-hearted Ranjha who is barred from his own village and ends up in the army. The border scenes have been filmed rather nicely where army men indulge in light-hearted jokes and laughter, that being their only source of entertainment.

Karamjit Anmol plays the role Shinda, Ranjha’s friend who tends to make some of the best comic punches this film will have. Saanvi Dhiman, the leading lady of the film is seen for a considerable time in the trailer, in a charming yet loud role. Despite this, it will only be proven while the movie gets released whether or not Saanvi is as strong as she seems in the trailer. A special mention to Harby Sangha for his role of Hawaldaar Bahadhur Singh, who has a mix of Hindi and Punjabi dialect, which combined with his army nuance gives a very appropriate accent. Malkeet Rauni will be seen playing the role of Ranjha’s father and Rupinder Rupi as Preeto’s aunt.

The fact that the trailer has already revealed the dual role of Roshan Prince seems to have taken away the reason to watch it but despite this revelation, the confusion and mystery stays intact. Even though we have made clear a lot of things with this trailer review, a number of other things still are unclear. Why and how the two characters played by Roshan Prince will exchange places in order to set things right is a mystery this trailer has put us into and whether Ranjha finally happens to marry his Preeto or not will also be a thing to watch for. The comedy genre that this movie is following seems to be justified at a number of places but how well it actually makes us laugh and whether the confusion of this Ranjha and Refugee will gain a positive or a negative response from the public will only be solved on October 26.