Crafting a good sequel can be difficult because there is always a pressure on filmmakers to maintain their league and yet some of the greatest films in punjabi industry have been sequels like Rabb Da Radio 2, Ardaas Karaan, Nikka Zaildar and Sikander 2.  Similarly Qismat will be followed by it’s sequel Qismat 2 which will hit the screen on 18th September 2020. 

Talking about the Qismat 2, for a long while there is a buzz in the punjabi industry that the sequel will be followed, even Jagdeep Sidhu had this announcement. But now its confirmed as  Sargun Mehta, Jagdeep Sidhu, Jaani and B Praak give the confirmation through their social media handles. Sargun shared a post with caption “@jagdeepsidhu3  @ammyvirk  yaar tohn wadh ke.❣❣❣ 18th September 2020 nu gall karde aan 😊@jaani777 @bpraak ne jaan kadni ae.” and Jagdeep too shared the same post with caption “@sargunmehta 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 for you only … tu dost ni oye bhara eh sada .. tu kyu darre …  @ammyvirk … 🤗🤗🤗 love you .. 🙏” . Even Jaani shared the same pic with caption “ A dream project ! 🔥🔥🔥 @sargunmehta (18 sep 2020) nu kraange duniyaa naal gal !  @ammyvirk  @jagdeepsidhu3  @bpraak  #rabtondarke  #waheguru  #jaani”.  B Praak also went to his social media handle and shared the same pic with caption “Biggest Journey Of Love And Music Is Coming 18sept 2020 Dream Project  #Qismat2  @ammyvirk  @sargunmehta  @jagdeepsidhu3 @jaani777 #BPraak😍😍🔥🔥”. 

Expectations from Qismat 2 is high as Qismat hit the million hearts because many people related it with their lives and love stories. Further, Qismat is a romantic drama film written and directed by Jagdeep Sidhu. The film starred Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta. It was titled after a 2017 song of the same name, sung by Ammy and starring Sargun in its music video where music was given by Jaani and B Praak. The film is about a man who falls in love whilst studying in Chandigarh. Furthermore, this movie blessed Ammy, Sargun and Jagdeep with name and fame that adds a word super to their stars. Again this time their collaboration will be seen where Sargun and Ammy will be directed by Jagdeep to serve with best of their performances, along with them heart and soul of the music industry, B Praak and Jaani will serve your ears with their melodious yet ultimate compositions. Moreover, the shooting will take place outside India at an undisclosed location.

Now the questions that arises. Will it serve a completely different story or will Qismat 2 will be a continuity of Qismat? As Qismat ended with Sargun’s end which assures that it will be a completely different story. Apart from this, Sargun who recently achieved another success through Surkhi Bindi, Ammy Virk who is stepped into bollywood, Jagdeep Sidhu who gave a back to back 3 hits which entitled him with ‘Dactar’ of movies along with the musical sensations in the pollywood who are currently in limelight because of their latest song ‘Pachtaoge’ how their collaboration will give their best to make Qismat 2 a remarkable movie as Qismat was the roots for their success.