Gangland In Motherland first episode  ‘Subedaar’ was released on youtube channel of GeetT MP3, the makers and even the audience have same point of view that this web series contains a message. This web series raised a question on parenting and teaches not to pamper wrong and stubborn thoughts in kids. Jata Da Munda Edda E Karunga cannot be answer of everything but such attitude may be saabi got from his family in love, which ultimately made him  ‘Gangster’. We do request our viewers to take this as lesson from this web series and don’t go behind the superficial life of Gangsters.

Subedaar saabi grow up and turns into more dangerous person, whom law also punished an imprisoned him. Other members of subedaar Gang like Bhinder and others help subedaar to escape from jail but till the end of episode couldn’t trace him. The guns and fire were pretty obvious in Gangland but yes it showed the good cinematography. The suspense kept on raising at par meanwhile makers again gave no smoking message

Yet no clue was received by our audiences that what will happen next that another group was revealed, who is lead by Sultan character played by ‘Nishwan Bhullar’. In the end what viewers saw left all eyes opened.  All actors gave their best shot undoubtedly. Even direction of Gabbar sangrur and camera by Shoaib Siddiqui seems impactful. The background score given by ‘Gurmoh’ was also the main attraction of this episode.