Our Punjabi music industry has reached to the top level as craze of our songs has gone so far that Bollywood is also adapting our songs in their films which is something a really good thing. Similarly, one more punjabi song has revised according to the bollywood taste and taken over by a upcoming Bollywood film named ‘Judgementall hai kya?’

There is one song ‘Wakhra Swag’ which was one of the best songs of punjabi music industry and on everyone’s lips. This was a hit in it’s time sung by Navv Inder and Badshah but now this song has reached to the bollywood in Kangana & Raj Kumar Rao starrer film ‘Judgementall hai Kya’. Yes! One more punjabi song to Bollywood but the best part of this song that it has the same punjabi flavor which was missing in past few songs which are adapted by Bollywood films. Unlike other songs ‘Laung Lacchi, Photo & Khaab’, this song still continuous it’s original flavor. 

Furthermore, earlier many songs were adopted by hindi movies but they were almost ruined by the makers, now this song wakhra swag has some new elements too but still pursuing it’s Punjabi manner. We hope that more songs would be selected by bollywood artists so that our punjabi music industry could reached to the flying heights but carry their original flavors too.