Post accident Parmish Verma thinks that he cannot sing!


It is been a while after the open fire attack on ‘Gal Ni Kadni’ singer Parmish Verma, and his love for all his fans and his enthusiasm for his life encouraged him a lot to get well soon and come up as ‘Taur Naal Shada Munda’ again!

Recently, Parmish Verma when live on his YouTube channel, where he thanked all his fans, friends, and wellwishers for their blessings and warm comments they had left for him, while he was in a month hibernation.

As it was a live session, his fans requested and demanded to sing something for them, but, Parmish Verma denied saying he cannot sing. Moreover, Parmish Verma also gave details about the post production of his both the upcoming movie projects, Zahoor and Singham.

Singham will be releasing in 2019 and then it will be followed up with Zahoor.


Parmish Verma also shared his dilemma for doing his next song, he asked his fans to comment below and on his posts regarding their demands that either he should go for a sad number track, or he should go for beat sound track!

Later, due to huge demand for a sad number, Parmish has decided to bring us a sad song video this year. The shoot will begun soon!