In this modern era, everything is changing with the passage of time. For instance, thoughts of people, the way of living has changed tremendously. With advancing time the modernization and techniques also advanced. Nowadays our celebs are not only wearing modern and bold clothes but also sharing it with their fans on their social accounts. Actresses do not hesitate to share hot pictures with their fans.

Famous actress Sonam Bajwa has posted many bold pictures and she faced trolling. But here we are talking about Payal Rajput who is currently in Fiji for the shooting of her Tamil movie Angel. She is raising the temperature of Fiji as she has recently posted two hot pictures on her Instagram account and captioned it as “BOOTY CHECK AND BEACHLIFE”.

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Booty Check ✅

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Booty Check ✅

It was the first time when Payal posted such pictures and people were surprised to see that and expressed mixed emotions both bitterness and sweetness. Many people did not accept it and commented very harshly as one of the comment is ‘Rajputo ka nam Kharab mat karo’.

Sky above•sand below•peace within🏝

As mentality has changed to certain extend but it has not taken a complete turn yet. Our community is still not ready to accept this change. These public figures act as a role model for their followers and influence many, but posting such pictures may put a huge impact on ones mentality. The world is moving with a great pace so we need to. On one side we talk of modernization but on the other hand are being so rude and harsh with our words, not acceptable. Eventually, posting pictures is the right of an individual and we cannot stop someone from posting any pictures but following someone and commenting harsh is unfair. 

So DAAH FILMS would suggest the viewers that if someone doesn’t like the photo, they can simply unfollow instead of criticizing and posting mean comments. Because it may affect the moral of any individual and we have seen many actresses who got mentally affected.