Every industry works in a certain way and if we talk about our Punjabi Industry, it has some norms on which it is working in a circle. This circle is very vast in which many new faces take rounds around and many known faces are making this circle more bigger. Every artist is working effortlessly to take this Industry forward, Sameway there is another beautiful one who is putting her efforts greatly to establish herself as a renowned personality, with whom DAAH Films had a poured heart conversation about her journey along Punjabi Industry who is none other than Pooja Verma. She is a well known name in Pollywood seen recently in punjabi movie ’15 Lakh Kadon Aauga’ opposite to Ravinder Grewal. For which people appreciated her performance too much and more to it, she worked hard to get into the skin of that character as it was a simple and no makeup kind of look. Infact she has to put on some weight But the actress was confident and determined to give her best to this role offered to her.

She is always dedicated towards work, this is why people always wanted to know more about her and now we are here to make you updated with some facts about her journey as well life about which you all may do not know. She’s born and brought up in Delhi and in her childhood she never thought to be an actress but during her studies, she somehow get into the field of acting for which she later on gathered some interest and then gave her 100 % to it. Isn’t it interesting? As this is quite nice that now she is doing her job really well. Her acting skills and abilities are to be believed and her this capability took her to Punjabi industry through a music video ‘Haye Mera Dil’ alongside Honey Singh & Alfaz. It was a soul touching superhit song that won million hearts and also left an impact on audience minds. With this impression, this song worked as a turning point for her career as after that she has made her acting debut with film ‘Baaz’ in 2014 opposite the one and only Babbu Maan.
While talking to DAAH Films, she even mentioned that Babbu Maan is one of the humble co-stars of Punjabi Industry and why not? Because he has a different kind of fanbase and people like him because of his amazing voice. After that, she didn’t look back and started walking towards the path of her dreams where she gabbed another hit film ‘Dakuan Da Munda’ for which her role got a lot of appreciation from audience. Furthermore, while walking on a certain path one can easily get wisdom of that track and team of DAAH Films have asked certain questions regarding her journey in order to get her perspective about various things and she has answered all the questions blazingly and from them some are :

  • What was the last movie you’ve watched and liked ?

Movies are all about script and story and I usually like movies with good content. I have recently watched Muklawa and quite liked it.

  • According to you, which is the main element to make a film successful?

As I’ve mentioned you that story plays a key element in any film’s success because if people can relate to it they are going to enjoy it. Also the performance of the actors plays a major role. If the actor has not done justice to the the character then even the good story will not come across convincing to the audience.

  • How was your experience working with Friday Russh Motion Pictures?

I have been so lucky to work with Friday Rush Motion Pictures.. Rrupaali mam and Deepak sir. They are very professional and have such great respect and appreciation for their artists.

  • Who is your favourite actors in Pollywood and whom you want to work with ?

Pollywood is full of talent. There are so many names in my mind and I have worked with very few, so the list is long.

  • Is there any artist whom you found is overrated ?

I don’t think the term overrated actor/actress even exists. Every artist gives their best shot as per their potential. But yes whether an actor receives positive or negative public response thats all sheer luck.
A sensible actor understands that making of a film involves producer’s investment and the effort of crew members so it can’t be taken lightly.

  • Is there any shortcut to become a successful actress ?

Success comes with hard work and there is no shortcut for working hard. Entertainment industry has cut throat competition. You cannot do with just one good performance and then sit back. I have started my career with modelling and slowly climbed up as the opportunities came my way. It took me years of hard work to reach where I am today.

  • Do buttering prevails in our Pollywood Industry ? Have you ever did ?

Buttering might work else where but not in film industry. Every film is an investment and if you don’t have talent no one will be willing to put their investment on you. It is that simple and I am smart enough to understand that only my talent and hard work will get me work nothing else.

  • A director you want to work with in future and Why?

I have worked with very few directors actually to answer this question. When I’ll work with all the directors only then I can tell you that. I think my priority is to concentrate on a good script rather than looking for a good director.

  • Script or Money? What you prefer?

I’m passionate about my work and when you love what you do then money is not the sole reason you are working for. Yes of course money is essential to survive but importance of professional satisfaction is also undeniable. Sometimes the script is so powerful that you want to be a part of it, money or no money.

  • Do we need to welcome bold concepts with good scripts Like Vicky Donor, Badhai Ho, Shubh Mangal Savdhaan, Fashion, Luka Chuppi ?

All these movies you have mentioned did well on the box office just for the simple fact that its relevant to the era we are living in and thus audience could relate to it. Every industry be it Bollywood, Pollywood or Hollywood need be progressive. It needs to be relevant to the current society issues, something which people can relate with their lives and enjoy. At the end of the day we make movies for public entertainment.

Aren’t these answers tremendous because this questionnaire is telling us that this young and talented artist Pooja Verma has a strong opinion regarding everything and we really need such outspoken people in our industry who could take a right stand. It was an honour to listening to poured heart of her and we really wish her all the luck for her further projects.