Pitaara Talkies and Omjee Group have joined hands and now its Pitaara Omjee Studios. These production houses are really working hard and now they have become into one. It’s really amazing and looking forward to witness that what they will deliver now as they are teamed up. Both the groups are big and their motive is to entertain the audience with meaningful cinema. They have contributed much in the growth of Punjabi Film Industry.

The logo of their teamed up is very attractive as the two reels are joining hands which is looking outstanding. The message conveyed through this is very meaningful and they will surely deliver such amazing projects which will change the society in a way. Pitaara Talkies and Omjee Group have worked together on a project which is titled ‘High End Yaariyaan’ starring Ninja, Ranjit Bawa and Jassie Gill. This movie is yet to be released but the trailer is out and being loved by the audience. This movie is based on the concept of friendship.

Omjee Group is such a big group which has given Pollywood a large number of movies which is hard to count and mention specially. Expectations from both these groups are really high and we hope audience will get something good and impactful. Looking forward to the projects under this banner Pitaara Omjee Studios.