How many times have we heard songs of a man claiming his woman to be just perfectly alluring? A number of times that has happened and here we have another song titled ‘Perfect’ by Gurinder Rai and Badshah.

Featuring the perfectly beautiful Swaalina, the song describes this woman as an epitome of beauty, who needs no mascara, no hair color, and no makeup! She is just simply so beautiful that her man does not want her to cover her natural beauty with anything. She’s rightly suited for him and he loves her in her natural self.

Badshah’s rap adds to the beauty of this already beautiful lady. Just look at the words he uses for her, who knew Virat Kohli’s timing could also be used to describe the beauty of a woman!

“Perfect jaise Kohli ki timing

Perfect jasie flow mera

Teri her ek cheez hai Perfect

Teri Perfection mind karti hai blow mera!”

A presentation of Times Music, this song is already in the list of trending videos on YouTube and we know for sure that it will soon be topping the charts. After the tremendous love that Badshah’s ‘Proper Patola’ received, it would not be surprising for this song also to reach the same benchmark.