Today’s morning was a bad one, which we heard from maximum people. Earlier there was bad news that due to some technical error ‘Bhajjo Veero Ve’ was not released and other movie ‘Yaar belly’ released but disappointed us.

Written and directed by Sukhjinder Singh ‘Yaar Belly’ stars ‘Dev kharoud’ and ‘Sabby Suri’ in main lead. The movie is based on concept that no ne asks girls without mothers in simple words whole world of girl resides in her mother. The sufferer girl is Sabby who resides with her uncle and aunt and dreams one-day time will change and she will live happily like other girls. This is the time when Dev enters her life and promises her to shower her life with happiness but Alas! Love life is not that easy. What all hurdles come their way and how they crosses them this is story all about.

The supporting star cast impressed much with their acting skill, more than leads. We sighted Karamjit Anmol, Nisha Bano and B N Sharma.‘Dev Kharoud’ this time couldn’t spread his magic as he always do, the reason for this may be due to lack in Screenplay. Sabbys acting was very low but her performance, was left behind by expressionless dialogues and poor acting by Sukhjinder Singh who is also the story writer, screenplay writer and director of the movie.

The movie of Living Dreams Entertainment couldn’t live up to the dreams of audience. The biggest role player behind any hit or flop is the director but sorry to say Sukhjinder couldn’t make up to. Undoubtedly, the concept was good but the weak screenplay over shadowed Kharoud. Even the action sequences were very weak, Surrinder Sharma was the action director but he must find the reason that after having action hero like kharoud why his sequences were weak? B N Shrama and Karamjit Anmol were good but few of their scenes were not required. Although they had one scene each with Dev but that was also not required.

This could have been better story if good treatment was given. Even it gave a good message to girls but that also not in clarified way. This movie may attract 40+ group talking of comedy was good and one character did reminded us of Late Mehar Mittar. Technically speaking the graphics were outdated; the common background score, which has been uselessly used in, witnessed even at many places the light stands are clearly visible in frame, which is clearly DOP’s fault. Music of movie was good but was not going with story, or was not required but only one song sung by Nachhatar Gilll was a fit.

DAAH Films is rating ‘Yaar Belly’ with 1 Star.