Punjabi artists are not leaving any stone unturned in order to make fans all over the world and one such punjabi artist is ‘Diljit Dosanjh’ who is making everyone crazy with his songs, simplicity, acting and what not. Now, one more person has added to his fan list and that is none other than ‘Chris Gayle’. 

Yes! Diljit has made him his fan as he’s tapping his feet on the song of Diljit Dosanjh even he’s humming those lyrics too. Isn’t this interesting that international player like him is enjoying on the songs of our Shadaa munda. Talking about the Chris, we have always seen him playing to the fullest and he’s man of fours and sixes in every matches but he’s also famous for his witty behavior with his team members and others as he believes in enjoying but now he’s enjoying through his dancing that too on punjabi songs like ‘5 tara’ & ‘Dil tera Kala Mundeya’. Diljit has even shared his video on his social media handle while writing the caption “Punjabi Gayle nahi Mannda Bai” and in fact Diljit is not only famous for his songs but also for his humorous captions and sarcasm

Furthermore, Diljit has taken our punjabi music industry to the whole new level and this is something good and grand. We hope that diljit keep on singing good songs like this so that the whole world could tap their feet on his songs.