These never ending Sass nooh issues are one among other relationship issues and witnessed usually in every other family. On this issue, a punjabi movie will be conceptualised named ‘Ni Main Sass Kutni’. This film will be entirely based on the relationship of sass(mother-in-law) and nooh(daughter-in-law) how they live together or we say survive together.

Talking about title, this film has unique title ’Ni main Sass Kutni’ we usually heard this in rural families where nooh says this dialogue to her sass when she has some unequal or bitter equation with her. There are many dialogues associated with sass like ‘ya ta sass changi hove ni te photo tangi hove’ and more. Similarly such kind of concept will be seen in this movie which will be directed by Parveen kumar who had been associate director in ‘Singh vs Kaur’, given dialogues in ‘Shareek’ and famous show Chhankata’s 2007 and 2009 season was directed by him. This movie will come under the banner of Banwait films which will be produced by Mohit Banwait where project designer will be Manraj Rai. 

Talking about the StarCast of movie we will see Jatinder Kaur as mother-in-law of Nirmal Rishi and Nirmal as mother-in-law of Anita Devgan. Further, Anita is wife of Malkeet Rauni and mother-in-law of Japji Khaira who is Gurpreet Ghuggi’s wife and her younger son is Mehtab Virk whose love interest is Zareen Khan which is going to be Anita’s younger daughter-in-law. Anita Devgan also have a son- in law whose role will be played by Karamjit Anmol and daughter’s character will be played by Nisha Bano may be, it is not confirmed yet. From sources it is also confirmed that Malkeet Rauni will play eminent role in the movie which somehow effects the movie. This numerous sass-nooh relationship will draw other family members into trouble as well and when you will have comedy characters like Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol in picture then you will be rolling on laughing floor. Furthermore, risk taking is a part of cinema similarly they have taken Mehtab Virk on lead role which might hamper the movie because his acting skills in previous work ‘Parahuna’ was average which suggests that taking him on lead role would be a risk.

Furthermore, any film must be incomplete without twist and turns. Now what twist and turns will be drawn in the storyline is suspense. But good part is audience don’t have to wait more as from sources it is confirmed that on 29th September’19 shooting will be started and movie will be released in the summers of 2020. 

Overall, this film would be a laughter ride with a twist of family drama because StarCast like Gurpreet Ghuggi, Karamjit Anmol is there and we have seen their comic side in many films and characters like Nirmal Rishi and Anita Devgan will draw family drama. We hope that trailer of this film could be released as soon as possible.