Undoubtedly, the start of year 2019 has been splendid where good movies are coming back to back, and growth of our concepts is appreciated everywhere. We couldn’t forget some last year announced flicks but for which no concrete thing came up.

Although there are many but one such movie is ‘VCR’ Yuvraj Hans, has to lead this movie. Though not officially announced, Yuvraj Hans was working on a film titled VCR, which was supposedly a period, film and was in its pre-production phase. But from our reliable sources we got to know that the movie has been shelved! The source further revealed that this all happened because of a financial issue with the producer. The funds for the movie couldn’t be fixed and hence the movie clogged in the pre production stage itself

Somewhere things work better when you know that you have lack of resources, so the movie was also stopped in pre-production stage because being on the floor and then getting shelved is an additional wastage of a lot of resources. But we would also like to request our makers that think before you announce because movie making is not that easy task as it seems from outside don’t take decisions with haste do think before you invest and announce.