In the world full of trance and noisy music, there are few singers who always try to keep themselves attached to peaceful and religious music. One such Sufi singer is ‘Kanwar Grewal’ and recently, he released his song ‘Guru Guru’. This Sufi singer has made us remember about our guru and god. 

Talking about this Sufi singer Kanwar Grewal, he sung various Sufi songs and his this new song is also sufi. This song is produced under the banner of Rubai Music and directed by Prince 810. Moreover, after listening to this song we can say that this song gives us calm and peace. It not only soothes our ears but also our heart. As we know that these kind of songs are very rare to listen and this song is literally a treat to listeners. 

Furthermore, the best part of this song is the video of the song as video is illustrating us various harsh and true facts like how rich people treat the poor and underprivileged ones. How there is inequality in our society. How people behave like racists. Yes, video of this song is literally depicting us all of this and helps us to learn life values. Moreover, Lyrics of this song have been written by the singer, Kanwar Grewal himself. We hope that these kind of singers always give such music in order to maintain calm.