EWhat an ironical situation will it be, if one day we get up in the morning and we see sun raised from the west? Surprising it will be. Something like this will be our first reaction when we will see pregnant male.

Science has really advanced a lot and from last some time we heard few cases like this across world. In which males are given such medical treatment, which makes them capable for bringing new life on earth. It’s a universal fact that women undergo lot of pain and hormonal changes in doing so. New concepts are experimented in our industry for which we do appreciate our writers for out of the box imagination and at the same time we give our producers also the credit, which actually invests on such experiments. Now our makers are giving shape to this experiment. A recent post by ‘Naresh Kathooria’ showing a pregnant man standing with his wife had gone viral on social media.

it’s our new film …Jo tusi photo ch dekh rahe ho oh sach hai … aawde pyar Di sachai nu prove karan lai sada hero…

Posted by Naresh Kathooria on Thursday, December 13, 2018

He in this way had announced his next movie, which is based on a man’s pregnancy.  In the post shared by Naresh, he had quoted on a picture of a pregnant man, “This is the subject of our upcoming movie, which is based on a man who gets pregnant just to prove his love.”

What we understand yet from this story, the man who loves the girl he agrees for this thing to prove his love. That’s when the comedy begins. During this phasethe man will realizes the lot of pain and suffering goes into the birth of a new life, which a woman bears with a smile on her face. Under the banner of Ksshitij Chaudhary Films, Friday Rushh Motion Pictures and Naresh Kathooria Films, this amusing project shall be released in 2019. This concept when given shape with a humor will definitely give a strong message to our society in a light way. Meanwhile, what we can really do is wait and watch.