Release date clashes are what usually we witness in film industry that further effects on the success and Box Office collection of movie. To curb all these consequences film makers avoids such clashes and take wise decisions to change the released date of their movies. Similarly a punjabi movie ‘Nanka Mel’ has changed their release date to 8th November’19. 

‘Nanka Mel’ was releasing on 15th November’19 but now it is preponed which is a good news for the fans of Rosshan Prince and Rubina Bajwa as they will get to see them sooner. Earlier Nanka Mel was releasing with Jhalle which is a Binnu Dhillon and Sargun Mehta movie that will give them a tough competition may be that’s why film makers decided to change the release date and come up with a decision to release on 8th November’19 with ‘Mitran Nu Shaunk Hathiyaran Da’.

In addition to this, ‘Nanka Mel’ is a Family movie where relationship values will be explained that fetches the maximum audience. On the other hand, Mitran Nu Shaunk Hathiyaran Da is already in a discussion about their abusive content which gives another hand over to Nanka Mel as audience usually avoid such content. Even though StarCast of Mitran Nu Shaunk Hathiyaran Da have Deep Joshi, Preet Baath, Veer Vashisht, Sagar S Sharma, Siddhi Ahuja and Kritika. . They all are new faces thus give another benifit to Rosshan and Rubina movie as they already have a fan base.

Now there decision to change date will work out or not will be seen when movie will be released. Also how much entertain Roshann and Rubina’s fresh pair will serve with Nanka Mel with this family drama movie that raise a basic family issue.