‘Munda Hi Chahida’ is not just a sentence but also it is something which impacts the society and minds of the people. These are not just words, every word means something which portrays the reality of life. On this, one punjabi movie is made which has many Pollywood artists like Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa, Harish Verma and many more. These all are stars of Punjabi Industry who rather than carrying a public status, they are humans who live a normal life and they also have some experiences regarding ‘Munda Hi Chahida’.

Yes!! This is the fact which Neeru Bajwa and Rubina Bajwa have shared with DAAH Films during an interview. ‘Munda Hi Chahida’ film is depicting the reality of society where everyone wants a baby boy in the family. When Neeru Bajwa asked about that ‘Have she faced something like this in her personal life? She instantly replied Yes, by telling the whole story that when her mother was expecting her 3rd baby who is Rubina Bajwa, their all the family members except her Mother – Father everyone else wanted a baby boy and they were praying to God that it should be a boy only who will take her brother ‘Jaswant Singh’ (Neeru Bajwa’s Father) family forward. And the moment they all came to know that a baby girl is delivered, they all started crying like they all on funeral. This is really depressing which has left a great impact on their minds.

Furthermore she added that she really want to change this ind of thinking which people carries. This is the reason she is producing a film like ‘Munda Hi Chahida’ which is directed by Santosh Tithe. Harish Verma and Rubina Bajwa are the leads in it who are going to play different roles. Apart from it, Neeru also told about her Mother-In-Law that she believed in some Baba Ji at the time of when Neeru Bajwa was expecting that a boy will took birth but she delivered a baby girl. Then Neeru laughed a lot and said that her Baba Ji is wrong. This kind of myths should not be there, we hope society will get an impact with ‘Munda Hi Chahida’.