Punjabi cinema is getting popular nowadays for good content movies with a powerful message as we have seen various movies like this before but now poster of one more movie titled ‘Munda Hi Chahida’ is released and we can say ‘What a creative Poster’!

Yes! Poster of this film is really interesting as it shows pregnant wife and husband and they are none other than Harish Verma & Rubina Bajwa. You must be wondering how can a husband be pregnant? This is matter of interest actually because the tag line of the film is ‘Munda Chahida ta aap hi jamm la’. After watching this poster we can say that punjabi movies are enhancing their content in a way or other because this poster is giving a social message itself. As we all know that in our country, ratio of females are less than males because in even some part of our country families demand for son from their daughter in laws and wives and this is such a severe problem of our society. Maybe, this film will give us some message on this topic in an entertaining way and we also hope for that. 

Furthermore, maker of this film ’Shri Narotham Ji films’ is the also the maker of ‘Qismat’ film which was a big hit and these makers always prefer the movies of good content. In addition, this movie is going to release under the banner of Neeru Bajwa Entertainment & Shri Narotam Ji films, now what we have to see is how this film will open our eyes with the tadka of entertainment because there is no better than giving a social message through entertainment.