Love and its connection are meant to be made in heaven, similarly such try is given by Aditya Chopra who had given last movie named ‘Oye Hoye Pyaar Hoagya’ 6 years back and now he is back with ‘Teri Meri Jodi’. Even story and direction is given by him. Stars like King B Chauhan, Sammy Gill, Monica Sharma, Jazzy Lee, Yograj Singh and Rana Jang Bahadur is the part of the movie.

Talking about the story of the movie, it has three love story angles. One is of King B Chauhan, second of Sammy Gill and third one is the mystery to whom you have to wait for the Second part of this movie. Further talking about King B Chauhan love story it is of current time and he loves a Canadian girl whom he lost because of his lies and now to pacify him his father’s grand father narrates him the story of his grandfather Sammy gill which is a story of period time. Both the stories goes hand in hand towards a happy ending but it is a complete chaos as it’s hard to differentiate the stories. 

Furthermore, acting of King B Chauhan is very loud as he looks over confident and doing over acting at maximum places. Sammy Gill is fine in its acting and Jazzy Lee who played the character of Canadian girl looks cute while speaking punjabi. Even Monica Sharma is average at her work, also Yograj Singh hasn’t played good acting which marks an overall below average acting to this movie. 

Talking about the positive point, it has just one positive point that it raise the issue of a social evil i.e. Dowry. Music is also good. Although even if you ever wants to see the acting of Sidhu Moosewala then you have to think once again to watch his next movie after this one. 

Even though the starting is very weak which will make you realise in the starting that this movie will torture you because neither it is emotional nor it is comedy but it can make you sleep well. Moreover, treatment to the movie is old fashioned and in the try of adding the element of masala to the movie they just ruined the story of the movie. In the movie there is a scene where Yograj just slept and they consider him dead which neither arouse emotion nor comedy as even his breathe is there further this scene is ruined by King B Chauhan over acting in continuity.  

Talking about the technical point camerawork is good but direction is weak even  editing is poor. Also it give rise to a question is there any art director because the plot doesn’t gives you the essence of period time when they are narrating the story of Sammy Gill.

DAAH Films give only half star to ’Teri Meri Jodi’.