Excitement and happiness to have a new family member is what one can relate with the excitement of Nikka Zaildar 3 as it is history making movie in punjabi cinema because this is very first time in punjabi film industry any movie bears threqual of their series.

Talking about the movie, the basic storyline is a family comedy where Ammy Virk imposters that the soul of his grandfather ‘Sardar Sohi’ enters his body. While playing that enact he enjoyed a lot and doing that he himself get trapped because this all enact increases the difference between him and his beloved Wamiqa Gabbi.  

Talking about the acting, Ammy played perfectly the character of Nikka which again marks his presence as an good artist and actor in punjabi cinema. Further, Wamiqa is in lead but the screen space is not distributed well because she is seen less and also she herself not seen connected to the storyline which triggers that more work was needed for the screenplay and dialogues of their together scenes. Moreover, Nirmal Rishi who always stands as the backbone of the movie failed this time to adhere on her standards may be because of the story of the movie.Now, when we look on the comedy side of the movie Sardar Sohi fulfilled his presence there from the starting as his miser character entertained the audience to the fullest, even Gurmeet Saajan presence was felt with his comedy. Along with them many supporting characters lived upto the expectations of their role.

Talking about positive points, Ammy Virk natural acting adds more to the story of the movie. Further how the life of punjabi’s revolves around the agriculture and animals is well screened which give another point to connect. Moreover they had raised the issue of superstition in movie. Now moving towards the negative point, in the movie whole story give numerous reasons not to believe in superstition but in end when they showed the revolved feet of Sonia Kour changed whole essence of movie which for a while made you believe that a new movie is started. Also a scene where Wamiqa always parked her scooty in Ammy’s house and board her bus is repeated too many times and her entry in Ammy’s house with the bus crossing their gate at same time gave an unreal impact to the scenes. 

The biggest issue of the movie is its predictability which fails to generate any suspense. Moreover, in the first half the trailer is what was there. Talking on the technical aspect it is a lengthy movie but editing, cinematography and direction don’t let you get bore after all Nikka and his director is acknowledged with his audience thus entertained them well but there must be more efforts needed to generate the screenplay which would may add more weigh to entertainment element. 

We hope they will come up with their fourth part ’Nikka Zaildar 4’ and ‘DAAH Films’ give three Stars to ‘Nikka Zaildar 3’.