Karamjit Anmol Productions and Rajiv Singla Productions presented film ‘Mindo Taseeldarni’ is all set to hit the theatre screens on 28th June, 2019 and it’s trailer is released which is giving a glimpse of the film. Trailer starts with a secret which is told by Karamjit Anmol to his father that he has some relation with Mindo Taseeldarni which character is played by Kavita Kaushik. And in the next scene, this secret is not kept any more as everybody get to know about it. This is the basic storyline of the film that Karamjit Anmol have lied about Mindo and when she will come to the village how he will manage this situation that she doesn’t come to know about this drama. But if she knows then what will happen, this all will be shown in the film. What we have gathered from the trailer is that it is going to be a laughter ride as Karamjit Anmol is assuring that and also Lucky Dhaliwal is seen in it delivering good comic dialogues.

Talking about other starcast, Isha Rikhi has not seen even saying a single dialogue and other side which dialogues Rajvir Jawanda is saying those are not very impressive which is forcing us to put a question on his acting abilities. Anyways before ‘Mindo Taseeldarni’, his ‘Jind Jaan’ film is releasing. Lets see what he will do in that one. Coming to Karamjit Anmol and Kavita Kaushik, both are promising actors who are looking good in trailer but this time it seems like Kavita has done her dubbing herself. Some scenes are shown from the border also where Lucky Dhaliwal is seen fighting and there is a red flag shown which is of China. So, may be Indo-China War situations are also in this film.

But these all things will present, this only time will tell. Till now after peeping into the team of film and Trailer, we can say that this film will be a laughter ride but most important thing is that the story should not be missed with this laugher. Moreover if we see Karamjit Anmol Productions and Rajiv Singla Productions’s previous film ‘Laavan Phere’, it got praise and worked good on Box Office. Now eyes are on Mindo Taseeldarni which will release on 28th June, 2019.