2016 year gave a superhit film ‘Ardaas’ which touched audience hearts and soul by its meaningful content and subject. This film changed the view point of people in large number and they all were actually waiting for it’s sequel or a film like this which carries same subject. Now, the wait is over as ‘Ardaas Karaan’ is on the way to give the viewers something new and more meaningful.

Have you ever thought about that what was the inspiration behind making this kind of cinema? We guess no, but let us put some light on this now as ‘Gippy Grewal’ recently shared with DAAH Films during an Interview that how he thought of making ‘Ardaas’. After asking about his family, he shared that his wife and kids do worship to god more than him and his wife was the only one who forced Gippy to make a film like ‘Ardaas’. His inspiration behind this cinema is his wife ‘Ravneet Kaur ‘. He specially mentioned ‘Je Meri Wife Mainu Ardaas Banan Layi Na Kehndi Ta Mai Kadi Ardaas Na Bananda‘ which actually means that she gave him that courage to make a film like that in that time when there was only comedy films were releasing.

This is very interesting that how artist’s family is involved in their decision making. They do get influenced by their opinions which is a good sign. Hope Punjabi Industry keeps on moving like this always and Gippy Grewal should take this league forward as he is counted in one of those artists who are bringing new subjects in Punjabi Cinema.