There are various lyricist in Pollywood industry but talking about the fandom and popularity so the name which we can say is Jaani. Yes! He is giving lyrics to almost every other song in pollywood. From songs in movies to the albums, we can easily hear the name Jaani but today’s topic of discussion is not his lyrics but his singing debut. You heard right! Jaani is taking his steps towards singing industry. 

Recently, he has shared a picture on his social networking site and in the photo he is recording the song. He has posted the photo with the caption ‘Toh for Socha! K hum phi such Kar lets hai’ and he has mentioned the hashtag of ‘Desi Melodies’. So, it is confirmed that he is debuting in singing industry and that too with his home banner. Now what we have to see is what kind of song will he sing. He has not made the official announcement but he has shared a picture only with a very unique caption. We hope that this would be this singing debut.

Furthermore, we can say that his lyrics are really appreciated by the people and singers and now he is taking his step towards singing and we hope that his singing would also get love like his lyrics. Various pollywood celebrities like Maninder Buttar, Sukh-e, Akhil, Ammy Virk and many more are wishing Jaani for the same. One more question arises here, will Arvindr Khaira direct his song video? because they are vey good friends and we hope that they will give us best output.