White Hill Studios in association with Towchain Motion Pictures presents ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ has released their another song ‘Tere Bin’ which is a love number where importance of love is explained that how much precious it is and so never let it go. 

‘Tere Bin’ captures Ninja, Sonam, Mehreen and Ajay Sarkaria in frame where they all are endorsed in grief as differences occurred between them which creates a scenario that they are parting their ways from their partners. The voice to their feelings are given by ’Ninja’ and lyrics with music is given by Sukh Sohal. 

Talking about visual appeal, it generates sad emotions as no one likes distance in love where Mehreen is leaving Ninja and another couple Sonam and Ajay are not talking with each other despite the fact that all of them are missing each other as they all are recalling moments with other. At the end, a sigh of relief generated when Ninja stops Mehreen where she is also expecting the same while on the other hand Sonam and Ajay are still not sharing love.   

Let’s see that how Sonam and Ajay will settle things between them. Also, a day is left to witness these ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ along with the soft and  loveable side that they have as this film again and again giving reasons to experience real life scenarios. ‘Ardab Mutiyaran’ is releasing tomorrow i.e. on 18th October’19.