Dream Spark Movies presents ‘Gidarh Singhi’ has released their another song ‘Ankhiyan De Nede’ which is a love number where importance of love is explained that love is eternal.

‘Ankhiyan De Nede’ captures Jordan Sandhu, Rubina Bajwa, Ravinder Grewal, Karn Mehta and Saanvi Dhiman in frame where they all are endorsed in love as they all are seen attached towards the other. The voice to their feelings are given by ’Jordan Sandhu’ and lyrics with composition is given by Avi.  

Talking about visual appeal, it generates sad and happy emotions together as Jordan is sad as his love Rubina is not with her but Rubina is happy as Ravinder, the one whom she admires is with her. There is a love triangle which is again clear through this song after the trailer. Further, Saanvi is also seems disturbed but Karn is unaffected which generates the curiosity that whats the matter between them.

Let’s see that how Jordan Sandhu will settles the matter by showing the reality to Rubina also will he able to do that.‘Gidarh Singhi’ is releasing tomorrow i.e. on 29th November’19.