Few punjabi songs mark their imprints on us through their lyrics and meaning. Similarly, a new song Life is released sung by Tarsem Singh Jassar and he has penned this song himself and we can say that this song has got a teaching for everyone regarding life. 

Talking about the song, this song is telling us the real meaning of life because this song itself started from very meaningful lines “ Ajj vich jee Chad kal de khyaal nu, Labh na jaawab peya, Rehn da sawaal nu, chadh de udhasi, rakh odhe utton doran.. Chalaakiyan ch ghaate, kahton launa joda toda..” by these lines Tarsem has said the reality of life because it is true that we people forget about living the present in order to think about our future and we simply forget to live our life. May be that’s why the main line of the song is ‘Zinda dil zindagi aa, Poori chill zindagi aa, Massa massa tainu, Eh mili zindagi aa’. He’s trying to convince everybody that we should focus on our present because we only live once. 

Furthermore, every line of this song is relatable and every line is placed well because lyrics of this song is commendable and we can literally connect to every line. We can say that this song will make you smile and leave you thinking about the real meaning of life. Our music industry needs more songs like this. Congratulations to Tarsem Jassar for giving such a meaningful song.