Our promising industry always keeps in mind about the entertainment of audience, and this time also they did the same. They welcomed New Year with ‘Uda Aida’ movie trailer.

It is released under Vehli Janta Records and this newest movie will give Punjabi cinema a new couple Neeru Bajwa and Tarsem Jassar. These two stars for the first time will together hit silver screen on 1st February 2019. The other star casts who will be sighted in key roles are B.N Sharma, Gurpreet Ghugi and Karamjit Anmol.

This trailer portrays a unique effort of our makers to promote Punjabi language, showing the importance of education. It gives a strong message that with modernization one has to stick to his roots. There is sweet blend of emotions, comedy, drama which seen revolving around the cause. To promote Punjabi language the initials and title is kept in Punjabi, which is also conveying the message that one should learn English, but not at the stake of Punjabi. This beautiful effort was also seen in Bollywood flick but this time in much enhanced way in Pollywood. The serious issue is handled vey brilliantly in a very light and comic way. The movie brings us very close to reality.

This movie is made under the banner of Friday Russh Motion Pictures and two new production companies ‘Naresh Kathooria Films and Kshhitij Chaudhary Films’. Naresh Kathooria pens this comedy-drama. Movie is directed by Kshhitij chaudhary.

The trio Rrupali Gupta, Naresh Kathooria and Kshhitij Chaudhary earlier teamed up for Mr. & Mrs. 420 Returns and delivered a nice product. Now how this movie will be treated will be a fun to watch.